Monday, January 11, 2016

The Great Summer Road Trip, Day 2

The Taupo to Auckland leg went very pleasantly. I was very impressed with Hamilton passing through, and look forward to a longer visit on the return journey next week. I have heard great things about the Hamilton Gardens and am keen to take an hour or two to explore them. What I have seen today in the way of civic gardening is very heartening. Hamilton has not fallen in with the trendy anti-agapanthus brigade, and indeed has embraced this glorious plant with particular enthusiasm. There are large plantings throughout the city, all abounding in spectacular blue blooms. 

Good on you, Hamilton. May your apapanthus bloom and grow forever. 

On a road trip you see a lot of road signs. Two in particular take my attention. Is this not the cutest sign at all, ever?

And is this not just the silliest?

It's just not possible for that car to leave those tracks, no matter how twisty the road might be. And it must be really twisty because the car is actually airborne in it's journey. I speculated today as to whether some sort of transformer could achieve this, but I sincerely doubt even Optimus Prime in his very best contortions is up to the challenge.

Regular visitors to Petone Ponderings know of our high regard for David Bowie, who has featured so recently in our Summer Season musical recommendations. Indeed, choosing the one featured track was a challenge with so many stand-outs available. Huge sadness to hear of his passing this evening. RIP Ziggy.


  1. I checked with a transformers expert and he felt that it could be possible to make those tracks ☺️