Saturday, January 2, 2016

Summer Season #2

After my big walking day yesterday, today has been a little more relaxed. Actually my whole life would appear to be considerably more relaxed than my next door neighbour's. I was just having a nice lie down after a morning of brunch and shopping, and read in the Dominion Post that she has been made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the New Year Honours. Her list of personal achievements was quite extensive.
Should look nice on the wall.
I have very nice neighbours here in Petone, but how lovely to have one with an added bit of class! I also read about the terrible traffic congestion up north as holiday makers flee the bad weather troubling that area. The Wellington region has really been the place to be this holiday break. Summer kicked in very nicely on Christmas Eve and the days have continued with relentless blue skies and sunshine, culminating in Lower Hutt making the nation's highest temperature yesterday. Today it has been an absolute pleasure to welcome in the rain to relieve our parched gardens. And not just any rain, but the very best kind - straight-down-no-wind rain. Still nice and warm though!

Often the best idea for Christmas and New Year in Godzone.

Question of the Day
Who thought that the very best way to deliver boiling hot water to cafe and restaurant customers would be to put it in stainless steel jugs? I'm practically nursing third degree burns.

With pleasure there is often pain.

Related Question of the Day
Why do I always forget those nasty stainless steel handles are about to deliver instant pain?

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  1. What's the music for today and yesterday?
    I'm listening.

  2. Great song.
    Did you ever watch Ricky Jervais' 'Extras'with David Bowie featuring on one of the programmes. Classic.

    1. Oh, yes. It was great, as was the whole series.