Sunday, July 27, 2014


I was mentioned on another blog as being in a list of links that have been inactive for some time. It's not that I haven't been writing posts. I write them all the time in my head as I walk here and there and ponder life as it presents itself to me. Time has just overtaken me in recent months and the act of actually recording them for posterity has failed to occur. I have missed it - the process of shaping thoughts is deeply satisfying. So, dear readers, I hope to be back into this pleasant pursuit on a regular basis, and my thanks to Richard (of Richard's Bass Bag - the #1 Bass Bagging site) for his gentle prompt.

Richard works his magic.
My more long suffering acquaintances have had the inestimable pleasure of tracking my recent New York holiday through my Facebook postings, so I will spare them any more 'me in front of something' snaps. I do though have a couple of thoughts arising from my travels.

How can the USA, arguably the greatest nation on earth, have got the simple toilet so wrong? I'm sure Thomas Crapper never conceived his brilliant invention would end this way. I'm talking water level - it's just too high, way too high. And then there's the pause after you flush, the unsettling possibility that it will rise some more and overflow, and the inexorable time it takes to swirl and finally finish it's business and yours. And what is it with these horseshoe seats in the public ones? 

The doyen of home decorating - how does she come up with all those ideas?.
While exploring home wares in Macy's, I came upon this display of Martha Stewart's trendy new collection of storage containers. Gosh, I thought, that looks a lot like the cheap old Sistema stuff they flog off in New Zealand supermarkets.

And then I looked closer and it was the cheap old Sistema stuff they flog off in New Zealand supermarkets. It even said 'Made in New Zealand'. The only difference was the colour - which I have to admit was very pretty and the perfect duck egg blue for my own home. So basically, if you are already famous and rich, all you have to do is say "Yes, that looks great but change the colour" and you are a designer with a new collection and even more money.

I guess that's why they call it the land of opportunity!