Monday, April 30, 2012

Autumn Amendment

In an earlier post I commented that there was no more glorious autumn offering than feijoas. I have had a week or two to reflect on this, while still enjoying those delicious wee delights. I would like to amend and broaden the list of tasty treats that one re-visits in this autumn season - it's a tied finish.
Buttercup pumpkin - dry and flavousome. No other pumpkin is worth the bother.

Persimmons - allowed to truly ripen until they are a mushy goo in consistency.

Feijoas - why are we the only country that seems to appreciate these?

Taylors Gold - the king of pears.

Fresh walnuts - long enough off the tree to be dry, but no longer.


  1. Goodness you are quite the coniseur! I'm seriusly impressed. Maybe you should start a blog .."the food girl".

  2. I don't know if Robert is being rude calling you a coniseur or its just a word he made up for his poetry to rhyme with geyser or Eliza...anyway, this is interesting and could lead to a whole series of posts until inevitably they slip into the realms of ridiculousness, offensiveness and libel.

    1. Buttercup pumpkin - agreed. Absolutely marvellous roasted or steamed and mashed with potato.

    2. Persimmons - no. Anything that has to get totally squishy to lose tartness doesn't appeal to me.

    3. Feijoa - no. It stinks, tastes bloody awful and should have stayed in South America.

    4. Taylor's Gold pears - agreed. Great for everyday eating. Perfect for rocket, parmesan. pear and balsamic salads.

    5.Walnuts - no. Great for decoration only (in the shell). My grandmother had a huge walnut tree in the back garden in Marlborough. She used to whack it with a stick!