Saturday, April 28, 2012


Getting the fire surround for the dining room, while very pleasing, made the lack of one in the living room all the more noticeable. The previous owner had used the chimney breast there as a temple to electronics - shelves for various players, multiboxes to power them, channels for every conceivable cabling configurement and then for good measure slapped on a wall mounting for the television to be attached to. This was the focus of the room, but no more. With the help of great friends, the latest TradeMe purchase was collected last night - this was no mean feat as the hearth was exceeedingly heavy. I am very happy with the new look. The television has been banished to a corner and no longer dominates the room. The room is looking very cosy as the rimu glows in the afternoon light. Another deeply satisfying project.


  1. The clock looks better on the lower shelf! Well done.

  2. Yes - it's the tweaking that makes the difference! Feels like a whole new room and much more home-y.