Sunday, April 15, 2012

I See Dead People

Well, actually, dead dogs - well, one dead dog. I definitely saw Spot, the Telecom dog as I was walking through Alicetown.  I'm not a doggy person (they are all into power and control, not like we gentle cat folk - but that's a post topic for some other day) but I always enjoyed the antics of wee Spot. Which set me pondering about ads and how much I miss Goldstein.

The Goldstein series of ads were absolute crackers. ASB decided the run should come to an end and have a new television campaign - I have no idea what this might be because it clearly hasn't been memorable in any way.
Other attempts have been made at these on-going storyline approaches but I'm afraid the Countdown family and Wilson the Lotto dog do not reach the levels of engagement that Spot and Goldstein acheived.

But for those nostalgia buffs you cant't beat Hugo - and so many of us mature folk can still sing it with gusto when required!


  1. The Countdown family is the Woolworths family in Australia. The are too stingy to even make ads that are exclusively NZ!

  2. I'm with you on that 'Hugo' ad.
    I liked the ad but have always hated the product so it didn't induce me to buy.