Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

And so does Millie. This means house cleaning must be carried out with sensitivity and tactical planning to ensure the vacuum cleaner is never sighted or used in the same room as she is in. The whole house is now sparkling and the smell of Dettol wafts gently on the air. Let the weekend begin!


  1. Its a learned thing. My Willow isn't afraid as we have showed her that it isn't dangerous. We can vaccum around her.
    Rosie (our dog R.I.P) used to like it when I ran the vaccuum cleaner over her fur.

  2. Yes - my last cats didn't mind it (for some reason it was the ironing board that terrified them). Millie was 10 when I adopted her, and I think had some traumas in her previous life.