Monday, April 9, 2012

Jesus Christ Superstar

Easter always seems the right time to view the DVDs of this great show. I see in YouTube there are discussions about the relative merirts of the original 1973 movie and 2000 DVD remake. Personally, I like both. Carl Anderson (RIP) was an amazing Judas but I love Jerome Pradon, too. I like the raw setting of the later version, but the spectacular natural scenery from 1973 was fitting. I've seen the show on stage at least three times - every interpretation, set and choreography has been wonderful. It's a just a great show. Anyway, here is one of my favourite songs in each movie for comparison - you choose!


  1. Mmmm .... bits and pieces. Yvonne Elliman without doubt is the best but re Jesus and Judas I'm not sure. None of them come near to Murray Head singing on the original recording.


    Murray was Judas, I see. Interesting ...