Thursday, July 19, 2012

Desperate Times ...

... call for desperate measures. The theory is that in the mornings the radio alarm clock goes off at six o'clock, I listen to the news and then leap out of bed to enjoy the new day. For some reason this just isn't happening - well, not the leaping out of bed part. No matter how strong my resolve and how early my bedtime the night before, I just cannot make myself actually get up. The dulcet tones of Marcus Lush (or cousin Marcus as we like to call him in our family) on Radio Live just make me want to stay curled up in bed and often I fall back to sleep. The morning then becomes a race. A new system has been put in place for tomorrow. Hello Kitty has been placed on the other side of the bedroom. Her shrill alarm is set for ten minutes past six. There is no way I can sleep or pleasantly snooze through this alarm. I anticipate a leisurely shower and time for at least two cups of tea in the morning - we shall see.

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