Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bridge Club Bookings

The new passport is now scheduled to make an outing and whizz me through airport immigration with its clever little chip. Today the bookings have been made for a holiday in Sydney later in the year. By bookings I mean flights, accommodation and cat sitter. As well as meeting a recently discovered aunt (I have an intriguing and complicated family tree which my sister is cleverly revealing through her genealogy research), a climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is also a must-do on the itinerary. I belong to a rather exclusive Bridge Club, the focus of which is concerned with food, beverages and an occasional walk over a bridge or two. This year however, a challenge more fitting the name has been proposed. We eagerly anticipate a lovely souvenir picture similar to the one above to record our major outing for the year.


  1. You could just pop up to Auckland and walk the Harbour Bridge.... or bungy off it.

  2. Or I could do the Golden Gate .... but this is a nice middle option that fits nicely into family commitments and budget! The bungy option would never happen - I'm too attached to my retinas! Thanks for commenting though ... whoever you are ...

  3. I used to be able to build Bailey Bridges in my Army days. What about building a bridge between Wakefield St. and Whites Lines West?

    Enjoy Sydney. We did. Especially the seafood around the harbour.

  4. "Enjoy Sydney. We did. Especially the seafood around the harbour"

    Well, that's OK for seagulls but I suggest eating in a cafe or restaurant.