Sunday, May 27, 2012


I'm in a minority here, but I really don't like kiwifruit. I'll eat them if offered, but would not choose them over any other fruit. Strangely, I loved them as a child. Way back then, we called them Chinese Gooseberries. They were a seasonal fruit, enjoyed for a short fruiting season and then gone for another year. They tasted just fine, never got involved with pavlovas and were almost a treat. Now they are omnipresent. Huge heaps of them glower at me in the supermarket, most of them completely rock-hard and able to stay resolutely so for months on end, finally softening but often holding on to a gnarly white core - except for the few cunning ones that ripen within seconds of being placed in the fruit bowl, hidden by their harder buddies so they can quietly ooze out brown sticky goo onto the counter below.


  1. I bought some with that huge hard core too!

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