Saturday, May 19, 2012

Recipe for a Perfect Day

To be indulged in infrequently, but particularly satisfying when weather in inclement (add copious heating as required)
1.    Sleep in
2.    Remain in dressing gown for entire day
3.    Indulge in a large dash of reality television - Come Dine With Me omnibus particularly tasty
4.    Have a long phone conversation with a dear, but not locally dwelling, friend
5.    Have other dear friends drop in unexpectedly (the sort who don't care that you are still in your dressing gown)
6.    Eat well and regularly throughout day
7.    Watch an excellent movie.  
8.    Re-arrange furniture
9.    Put furniture back in original configuration (optional)
10.  Anticipate one more sleep-in still to come


  1. I can relate to that.
    When coming up North fot the weekend I kind of like waking up to a cold and rainy day so that a lie-in, Come Dine With Me (Omnibus) and general veg-out is what the body and mind needs but without any guilty feelings of having to be outdoors doing something.
    Today has been great (and I'm glad that grumpy engineer got the lowest score - what a tosser).