Saturday, March 31, 2012

Autumn Sunshine

What a beautiful day of weather again. A leisurely awakening, a little housework and lawn mowing, then on to meet a friend for brunch. Arabica in Petone is going from strength to strength, reminding me more of its early days as The Screaming Turtle. The owner is hands-on and very focussed on customer satisfaction. The chicken and kumara salad was very tasty. I'm into tea for 2012, but apparently for the fussy coffee drinker the java is of a high standard. Next, we popped into The Lighthouse to check the schedule and quite by chance discovered a recommended movie was starting in three minutes. Just enough time to get a glass of wine and settle into our seats. We had the whole place to ourselves - perfect. The Women on the 6th Floor is a french movie. It's set in the 60s, so as well as a charming story there is also some great fashion and decor. I saw lots of nice things to buy while strolling Jackson Street - boots, shoes, handbags - but the lure of oak won and I now have a gorgeous new tea trolley. None of today was planned, it all just unfolded in the serendipitous way that the best of days do.


  1. Lucky you. Those are the best days where anything goes. I've seen the shorts for Women on the 6th floor (when we saw the Best Exotic Hotel film the other night. It looks good and we will go and see it next week (The Old Girl has seen it at the film festival last year but is willing to go again).

  2. There are a few good movies around at the moment - it's always feast or famine. 'A Separation' - best foreign film at the Oscars (not that that is necessarily a good indicator) - looks to be the next one for me.