Sunday, March 17, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

Last year, in late December, I put a status on Facebook commenting on our wonderful summer. We had had a sunny, mild lead up to Christmas and stunningly hot weather over the festive season. Several 'glass half empty' friends (you know who you are) commented saying it wouldn't count as summer unless it went on unabated for months to come. I replied at the time that the conditions they were wishing for sounded more like drought than summer - and lo, it came to be. It's a shame we can't assign a name to this drought, much like we do to hurricanes, because I could suggest a few appropriate monikers.

Pots pulled out from under the eaves in the hope of catching a little of the promised rain.
And so here we are, living as if we were in Alice Springs. Not allowed to put a drop of water on the garden unless we catch it first in the process of a now hurried shower, we are reduced to the living standards of our poor Australian cousins. There is a forecast of a little rain today or tomorrow, but so far the clouds look less than promising. I hope you lot are happy!

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  1. 2013, if it doesn't rain too much between now and the end of April should be the best NZ vintage for many years.
    I guess the winemakers are happy and the consumers when the wine gets to market.