Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thank You

Two words, but so uplifting and hearing them is one of the fun things about taking the bus home. It's a real melting pot of people, but almost without exception there's a "Thank you, driver" from each of the passengers as they alight. Now that I'm a regular, I'm getting to know a few of the drivers and many slip in a 'thank you' themselves at each drop off. Riding the buses is a great way to restore one's faith in the essential goodness and friendliness of the population. The trick is to allow the glow from the camaraderie to remain by not switching on the television news once home.

Luckily, for today, the thank yous weren't restricted to the buses. I popped over to the mall at lunchtime and on the way back to school checked my Lotto ticket. The $8m didn't come my way, but $95 was very welcome just the same.
To be prudent with my finances, I reinvested heavily in this week's $10m draw!

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