Friday, June 1, 2012

Good News

What a delight to see protests on the streets on the news tonight. I had thought the modern university student just didn't seem to have the social conscience that has been the hallmark of the past, and a potent influence for chance. Maybe, at last, our complacent population might finally voice support for the increasingly large population of marginalised people in New Zealand. If the proposed education changes are the catalyst, then great.


  1. I like the John Key quote.
    I agree with you about the students but wish that their protests weren't so self-centred.

  2. "But wish their protests were not so self centre?"
    Adolescents are self centred. That they protest about a bigger course than thier own little egos is a marvel.

  3. I thinj I'm missing something here. The protests, I understand, are about what they, themselves are losing. It is fiscal and is connected to their pockets (and egos).

  4. "I thinj I'm missing something here" it's oK