Saturday, February 2, 2013


It's an annual event that requires forward planning and strategy - The Martinborough Fair. And so it was that I was up at six and on the highway by quater to seven. We were fine tuning the logistics over a coffee near the square by quarter to eight as the crowds milled. Straight to the main purpose of the trip, and a long line had already formed.

As always, well worth the wait - that buttery goodness, the golden potato - mmmm. By then the day was already heating up so on with the plan. We worked our way around the feeder streets and outer row of stalls first, saving the shady square itself as a retreat from the sun at mid-morning.

Then it was a matter of weaving through each quarter ensuring full cover and as little doubling up as possible. We were hot and weary by the time we left for Greytown, and a late lunch - I've been trying to avoid that glorious houlimi, but it hunts me down!

Buy of the day definitely my pencil necklace. The stall holder seemed to be doing a steady trade to teachers!


  1. Bet the kids loved your necklace.

  2. I like the necklace - an advancement on the coloured pens in the top pocket I guess.
    I love Martinborough. Lynn and I used to be shareholders in a vineyard there.

  3. Gosh, Curmudgeon, you do get around!