Saturday, October 13, 2012


What a pleasant break in Sydney. All goals were achieved, including the original purpose of the trip which involved a lovely day meeting my aunt and taking the ferry to Manley for a day together.

A high tea cruise on the harbour was a great way to slip into holiday mode on day one.

The daily stroll through the botanical gardens to the city afforded great views as the city woke up each day . . .

. . . followed by thick buttery fruit toast at Circular Quay while people watching as the ferries unloaded the workers and tourists.

The twilight bridge climb was absolutely brilliant. The sun set as we climbed until we were viewing the city at night from the top, with fireworks in the harbour as the final bonus. I took the photo below from the top of the  bridge pylon above, on another day. Each climbing group becomes a set of ants on the huge structure.

And like all good holidays there was a good smattering of eating, drinking and shopping.

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