Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spring Forward

Spring has been well underway for a few weeks now and even the late planted bulbs pictured above are putting on an impressive (some might say arty) show in the garden. Daylight saving begins tonight and the mornings will arrive with even more hideous earliness. This year at least my body can adjust over our just begun 'non-contact' teaching break. Last year we were still plodding through the term due to the need for all of New Zealand to schedule themselves around the Rugby World Cup and Auckland's transport system limitations. 

The weather has certainly cast aside winter temperatures and the days have been mild at worst, hot at best. This then was the cue for my woodburner installation to be finished yesterday. The plaster surround was apparently at last available from the supplier and my installer, who has been plagued by an extraordinary series of funerals and family emergencies, completed the job. Thirteen weeks of on-going mess, dust and disorder is a challenge for one who is programmed by the 'fusspot' gene. It has been an exercise in patience, but ultimately the result is excellent. An upside of now not needing it for another six months is that it will stay clean and tidy - note the carefully staged, matching clean and tidy firewood!

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