Wednesday, August 29, 2012


What a stunner of a day from start to end. A clear, crisp morning for a sunlit walk to school. Early this evening I was driving around the harbour. The water was like a mirror and the view just magic in every way. The forecast is perfect for days ahead, and only three days until the official start to spring. Perfect.

The garage is loaded up with pinecones for the fire - the reason for the drive into Wellington. They have given the fire a quick, hot base and it's blazing away. Perfect. I think the summer walking ahead will involve pine forest locations.

The avocados at Countdown were 99c and at the ideal state of just-ripeness for immediate, creamy eating. Perfect.


  1. Looking forward to countdown coming to Petone , I paid $1.40 at pak n save .

  2. "Looking forward to countdown coming to Petone"

    Might as well look forward to dysentry in order to lose weight or inflation to have higher wages I guess.