Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Brush With Celebrity

I have just returned from a fabulous holiday. I've seen and done so much in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Waikiki. Sightseeing trips around cities and beyond (Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Oahu) have been fascinating, and every tour guide is keen to show off the local links to celebrities. Some I knew all about.

Alcatraz - celebrity or infamy? Fascinating just the same.
No stopping allowed outside Magnum PI's house.
Hoss and Little Joe were actually riding around Arizona.
The real Gilligan's Island - actually very close to shore, they could have dog-paddled home!
Very easy to believe that dinosaurs still roam this eerie spot.
But it really made me realise I have not seen an awful lot of famous movies and television shows, but just the same I craned my neck each and every time as we passed by a movie location or stopped for photos. One tour guide had had a role in Lost (which I never watched), a non-speaking character named Jerome, but that was the extent of actually meeting a celebrity ... until today. There I was walking along Bunny Street, when coming towards me was a familiar figure. We passed and I instantly regretted not acknowledging him, but fortune was on my side. Shortly later we passed again, and this time I summoned up my courage.

On just an ordinary street, in and ordinary city, on an ordinary day ...
"Hello," I said, "Aren't you Richard (Of Richard's Bass Bag)?"  

He wasn't actually drinking chardonnay or speaking Italian on this occasion.
He's just as lovely as you would expect from his blog. He took the time to chat with a fan. It reminded me of a favourite quote, from the wonderful Sam Hunt, that goes something like this:

All the world can be found in a grain of sand, and that grain of sand is probably in your own back yard.


  1. Right back at you Ponderer. I thought, "There's a face I know! From TV?" Even better, I soon realised, it was the Petone Ponderer. This is what it must be like when two film stars meet.

  2. I'm waiting on the Holy Spirit
    Thumbing for a ride
    Waiting for the Holy Spirit
    I hear he will provide.

    - Richard (of RBB)