Saturday, November 22, 2014

I Have Seen the Future

Way back in the 1970s and early 80s there was a television programme, possibly called 'Tomorrow, Today', that projected how the next century would unfold as all the wonderful new discoveries and inventions would change the way we lived. It all seemed more science fiction than science as we viewed it on our black and white television, on the one available channel. Much of it also seemed preposterous, unnecessary even- why would anyone want to see the person they were talking to on the telephone? How safe would those jet backpacks really be?

Of course it was all conjecture as to how these fancy new-fangled 'electronics' and the like would actually look in practice, but there was one thing was very clear. Workplaces would change radically as automation replaced workers in industry and farming. Luckily, we were well prepared for the coming fall in demands on us as a workforce, and what governments all over the world would do was introduce much shorter working weeks to ensure work for all. We would all have to learn how to fill our much longer leisure hours as we all enjoyed the prosperity of our bright, new future. 

This sounded just splendid to me, and I set about preparing to embrace that future. I honed my skills of lethargy and sloth. It was a least I could do as a socially responsible, forward thinking citizen. I have been badly let down. Not only do I not have a hover car, I have a four day weekend mindset stuck in a two day weekend reality. 


  1. For me there are a couple of things that have come true and are absolutely amazing.
    We tend to take a lot of new developments for granted because they come to us via a 20 year development phase with lots and lots af small increments - no big 'flash-bang' revelation.
    When I was in my 20's I fantasised about being able to just 'dial up' a favourite or indeed any music track, TV episode or a film. It was way beyond expectation but today we have just that via iTunes, YouTube or any of the other entertainment sites.

    I really enjoyed reading Douglas Adams 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe and salivated over that fantastical creation the "Book" which Ford Prefect would electronically access whenever he wanted an answer to anything at all. Well, hello, we have this (with resevations) in the internet and Google.

    In early TV Sci Fi programmes we saw video phones. (even back in the '60's). Now we have them and they are cheap if not free.
    With my partner Lynn living in another country for a year the free (only paying for data usage) access to FaceTime and Skype allows us to have a daily video call to keep in touch, share a laugh and allay the pain of separation. This to me is the ultimate in advancement.

    ........ except maybe for time travel. I'm still hanging out for that.

  2. Wow!
    I just watched the Leonard Cohen clip.
    I'm kicking myself for not going to see him again when he was last here.
    This is a superb performance from a great artist.
    He dignifies and makes impressive becoming old with a lifetime of learning, experience and skill.

  3. Leonard is the best. No question in my mind.

  4. I worry about all those children that are not learning useful skills like how to dig a garden, mow a lawn, plant a flower. Instead they play on their Ipad. Maybe it's just me and I could be wrong.