Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Time is Nigh

It will soon be three years since I made the move to Petone. Three wonderful years, in a lovely wee house. The previous owners had left everything neat and tidy - very, very neat and tidy. I can definitely recommend buying a house from obsessive-compulsives. The house was spotless on settlement day and the quality of the finishes throughout were pristine. The walls bore just a few hooks from the previous minimalist decoration style, which were easily used. Cautiously since then I have added more and more to the walls, but shied away from making permanent marks by using those 3M Command Adhesive hooks. Today I arrived home with two lovely new pictures.

I've always loved the cupids, and these are in particularly gorgeous oak frames. Now the good folk at 3M, while happy to give a recommended weight for the capacity of each type of hook, do add a wee disclaimer and caution one not to sleep beneath anything on their hooks least they fall and concuss you in the night. For this reason I have been reluctant to hang up my most treasured of items, in case they come crashing down. Only the sweet duo ...

... and my single seagull have made it onto the walls.

I was similarly worried today about 3M's ability to look after my new cupids, so I did something I have not done in such a long time. I got the hammer and I whacked in with nails. God, it felt good! The real me was finally unleashed once more. My respect for the sanctity of my smooth walls is over. The other sixty ducks are once again going to fly as they flew before, and I shall truly, truly have made this place home.

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